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Joining Requirements

Tigers is a team performance, we want our children to achieve and perform to the best of there ability. We never ask a child to do something they really do not want to do, but we do challenge them to try.

Being part of a team means a high level of commitment is required by both the child and the parents.

We train every Sunday from October to May, which is usually when the show season starts. This can mean that we are out in the cold and wet months; the training period always seems to go really quickly.

During our show season training is reduced and is dependant on the number of shows we have.

The show season is great fun for the whole family as sometimes we travel to shows and camp overnight; on one day shows we usually have access to the whole event with the added excitement of our performance!

During training and at shows your child remains your responsibility and therefore as parents you will be included in helping with the running of the team, this can mean placing ramps and equipment during performances, being one of our team first aiders, helping direct the children during shows or even training them to ride.

We hold an open day for new riders every October; the team is limited to a maximum of 24 riders. If we are over subscribed we will hold a selection day for new riders.

We have a junior and senior team of riders, the requirements for each is as follows.

Club Subscription is £150 per year for the first child and £75 per year for any siblings that also join the team. Payment plans are available to ensure that Tigers remains affordable.

Junior Team

  • Usually aged between 5yrs and 8yrs old
  • You will ride one of our club bikes (No owned bikes are permitted in the junior team)
  • You must be able to ride a push bike competently without stabilisers
  • A £150 bike hire fee is payable, within one month of joining. This money is set aside to buy replacement bikes in the future.
  • Our junior team is limited to 11 riders.

Senior Team

  • Only 65cc/85cc/125cc two stroke or 150cc 4 Stroke bikes are permitted.
  • The bikes must be clean, safe and reliable. We do not accept Pit Bikes of any description.
  • All senior bikes will require a set of plastics with the Tigers team livery for shows.
  • We do not check or scrutinise the bikes, they are your responsibility. If a bike is not presentable or is unsafe you will not be allowed to ride.
  • You must be able to control the weight of your bike.
  • We recommend you discuss the appropriate bike with one of our trainers prior to purchase.

Safety is our primary focus, Tigers prides itself on its safety record, therefore you must be prepared to always ride your bike with us in a team with the safety of your team members as your primary focus.

You will need the following minimum safety equipment

  • Crash Helmet – Moto cross style to British Standards
  • Googles – Moto cross style to British standards – Clear, no tints.
  • Gloves – Moto cross style
  • Body armour – Motocross approved jacket style with integrated kidney belt and elbow protection to British Standards
  • Padded trousers – Motocross style
  • Boots – BLACK only! Moto cross style to British Standards

That’s it; all you have to do now is click the link to contact us!

Cost of Joining

Obviously joining Tigers does cost money. In order to give you some idea, subscriptions are £150 per year for the first child and £75 for any siblings that also join. Payment plans are available.

For Juniors there is a £150 hire cost for the use of the Tigers Club Honda. This is payable within the first month of joining.

The Seniors supply their own bikes and cost is dependant on size we would suggest around £700 to £1000.

Prior to the Show season there is a £50 refundable deposit for the show kit, which consists of Crash helmet & (Reds) overalls.

You have a weekly cost of your fuel and spares such as spark plugs.

Juniors using a club bike are required to supply there own fuel and spark plugs.

For training you will need the following safety kit:

  • Helmet                       £30-£80
  • Over Shirt                   £25-£35
  • Motocross Trousers      £30-£50
  • Body Armour               £30-£90
  • Boots                          £30-£150
  • Gloves                        £15-£25
  • Goggles                      £10-£30

If you already have kit, please talk to us to agree its suitability. This all sounds very expensive but most of the costs are one off or refundable costs.  If you are interested in joining the club please e-mail us by clicking here Contact Us